The Beauty Behind Botanicals: Elderflower

It's elderflower season! Botanicals are at the heart of Pickering's Gin and the making of our story as The Botanical EnGINeers. Elderflower season usually runs from late May to mid-June and right now these gorgeous flowers are in full bloom. We've decided that we'll be sharing more with our Ginfriends on the beauty behind our botanicals.



The Beauty Behind Botanicals: Elderflower

Facts You May Not Know!

1. Did you know that the elderflower got it's name because it's so old (history dating back to 460 BC) you'll find varieties of it all over the world!  

2. There are over 25 varieties of elderflower around the world, and the berries also differ in colour.

3. Elderflower contains antioxidants (including Vitamin C) meaning it's a perfect cure for illnesses including a cold.

4. Feared by the devil... it is said that planting an elder plant outside of your home would keep the devil away!

5. Later in the year the elder plant's berries will go purple which can be popular in home-baking and cooking - not just gin-making! 

How The Botanical Engineers use elderflower... 

From cocktails, perfect serve recommendations to actually creating a new gin for our GinFriends to enjoy. This remarkable plant (or botanical in our case) is a key flavour in our new Apple and Elderflower flavoured gin. 

Pickering's Apple and Elderflower Gin
20cl | 37.5% ABV

Part of Pickering's Selection Box  

Sweet, elegant aromas of elderflower blossom and hints of peardrops, mixing with the bite of crisp pink lady apples for a hint of candyfloss. 


We'd just like to say a massive thank you for the fantastic support and response we've had to our new summer flavours. It means so much to our small distillery and team! You can see all summer flavours here