Pickering's Gin Launch NEW Summer Flavours

Introducing Pickering's New Flavoured Gin

Yesterday we shared some BIG news! Our botanical enGINeers have been working their socks off to developed four new flavoured gins to enjoy this summer:

Lime and Ginger
Raspberry and Mint
Blackberry and Hibiscus
Apple and Elderflower

All four expressions are available in 20cl (200ml) bottles in our flavoured gin selection boxes. This gives you the chance to try three of our four new flavours all at once!  


We have also created four 70cl bottles to become part of the Pickering's flavoured gin range. Making a comeback are two GinFriends favourites, plus two new flavours from our summer flavours launch!

Making a comeback...




The Newbies

Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our small distillery and helped develop these new exciting summer flavours! We asked our GinFriends, we listened and we hope we delivered. If you'd like to have your say in Pickering's products become a GinFriend today and sign up here