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Botanical Engineers

From ballerinas to bartenders, butlers to bakers, you’ll find them all in the mix here at Pickering’s. From our unmistakably smooth gin, to the smooth running of our remarkable distillery, it’s all down to this marvellously mixed concoction of talent

Matt Gammell
Co-founder and Head Distiller

Happily mixing his engineering background with a penchant for a mighty fine gin & tonic..

Marcus Pickering
Co-founder and Head of Export

Has a love of gin, a fascination with how things are made, & a distinctive surname. Travels & talks a lot.

Dave Quinnell
Head of Sales & General Manager

The man in charge of office operations. Ensures the distillery runs like clockwork.

Jason Toro
Production Manager

Ensures our production process runs as smoothly as the Gin, with every batch distilled & bottled perfectly.

Quinn Miller
Distillery Operative

Motorbike mechanic turned botanical engineer. Bottles, batches, boxes & (fixes) forklifts, all at lightening speed.

Conor Lynch
Distillery Operative

Brings flare & finesse to our distilling process; distilling, bottling, waxing & boxing each of our award-winning Gins.

Rachel Thomson
Head of Marketing

Here to make sure Pickering's Gin looks & sounds as good as it tastes. Can't make cocktails, but a successful gin drinker & marketeer.

Michaela McStay
Head of Creative Content

Loves social media marketing as much as a good old natter - especially about Gin. Shares our story far & wide through various marketing channels.

Keith Thompson
Warehouse Manager

King of the warehouse & deliveries. Nothing goes in or out without his say-so.

Lionel Gauthier
Finance Manager

Our keeper of the coffers. Ensures the cash flows as smoothly as the gin.

Alyssa Engel
Visitor Experience Team

Shares our gin story with her own fun and vibrant American twang. Looks after distillery guests & loves seeing smiling faces during tours.

Marina Capaldi
Head of Visitor Experience Team

Gives 5 star tours with passion, humour & a cheeky French twang. Looks after guests in the distillery & shares our story to visitors from far & wide.

Jamie Corkery
Visitor Experience Team

Shares our passion for gin and innovation. A savvy story-teller and advocate for Pickering's Gin with Scottish Botanicals- can you blame him?

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