Virtual Gin Tours & Tastings
by Pickering's Gin

Enjoy a Gin Jolly from wherever you may please!
Gather your colleagues for a gin-filled evening, sip back and relax as we take you through a virtual tour and tasting LIVE from Pickering's Gin Distillery.

Our at home gin tasting kit is sent to each individual's address and filled with everything they'll need for the night-just add ice!

With a warm welcome from your compere, we will dive into our Distillery & workshop tour followed by a guided gin tasting from one of our fun and enthusiastic team members.
What's Included?
Our customisable tasting kits contain:
1 x Pickering's Gin 50ml
1 x Pickering's 1947 Gin 50ml,
1 x Limited Edition Festively Flavoured Gin 50ml
2 x Fever-Tree Tonic
Tasting Card
Technical hosting

Optional Extras:
Drinks Biscuits from the Drinks Bakery
G&T Marshmallows from The Marshmallow Lady

How Does It Work?

Tell us how many people are taking part, and where to send the kits to, and we'll do the rest. The package available is customisable if you wish to add the option of Drinks Biscuits and/or Gin and Tonic Marshmallows.

We will be on hand the entire night, with both a compare for the evening and one of our lovely tour guides taking you through the tours & tastings.


Prices start at £25 + VAT per head
(minimum of 8 people per party and a maximum of 150).

To discuss your party, please contact:

Eloise Mair, Visitor Experience Team: 0131 290 2901


- 1 June 2018-

Pickerings Pink
Grapefruit &
Lemongrass Liqueur

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- 5 June 2018-

Our new distillery
shop is open!

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