Fancy a refill?

- 28th June, 2019 -

Our new bottle scheme gets the green light


With concerns about the environment at an all-time high, we think it’s the responsibility of every business, big and small, to ensure they’re doing their bit. So, after a few green smoothies and a green salad for lunch, we got our pioneering ginnovators, Matt and Marcus, to do a spot of green thinking. Here’s what they came up with…
You can now refill any Pickering’s Red Top, Navy Strength or 1947 gin empties from our refill tanks and then hand dip your recycled bottles in green wax to reseal them. You’ll even get a 15% discount on your gin and, if you refill 5 times (easy done), you’ll get a replacement bottle with a nice fresh label.
And the green revolution doesn’t stop there. We already source all the water for our still condensers from an adjoining well, the remnants of a brewery that stood on the site in the 1700s. We’ve also scrapped all bubble wrap from our shipping cases, installed solar-powered window shutters and made the move to paper and compostable cups for all our tours and events.
So next time you polish off your Pickering’s, why not pop down to Summerhall Distillery for a refill? Not only is it great fun dipping your bottles, but the new green seals will show everyone that you’re doing your bit for the planet.

- 1 June,2018-

Pickerings Pink
Grapefruit &
Lemongrass Liqueur

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- 5 June,2018-

Our new distillery
shop is open!

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