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3x 5cl- 2 x 42%, 1 x 38.3% alc./vol.

A world first, our British Airways Centenary Gin has been expertly distilled to taste as good at altitude as it does on the ground. Our unique ten botanical blend celebrates the very best of British flora and fauna with rose petals and heather lending a soft and sweet note to our signature Bombay blend.
Expertly distilled in partnership with British Airways to celebrate its Centenary year, we're offering you the chance to try this remarkable gin in our "Gin Flight" gift pack, for those who like their Pickering's pocket-sized.
Pack includes 3 x 5cl: Pickering's British Airways Centenary Gin, Pickering's Gin and Pickering's 1947 Original Recipe Gin in a commemorative gift pack.
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Pickering's British Airways Centenary Gin


The Botanicals

Juniper, lemon myrtle, heather, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals, lime, coriander, angelica root 


The Perfect Serve

Best served as a G&T with a slice of lemon .


The Science-y Bit

Good taste. Some have it. Some don't. But did you know that at 30,000 feet high, our taste receptors are significantly suppressed? Air pressure, lack of humidity, and even the hum of the plane's engines can render many high-flyers unable to discern sweet and salty flavours effectively.

To banish so-called airplane ‘taste blindness’, we have carefully designed a botanical flavour profile that enhances what you lack when you’re soaring in the sky, whilst still tasting deliciously drinkable on the ground.

Tasting Notes at 30,000 ft:

A naturally balanced sweet and spiced gin with a beautiful note of juniper and sweet citrus from the lemon myrtle paired alongside the heather and rose petal. This is balanced against the sweet spice of cinnamon and cardamom to give a lovely flavoursome gin.

Tasting Notes at 10,000 ft and below:

A complex and beautifully classic gin with a bouquet of bold, floral juniper and zesty, sweet, lemon myrtle citrus. Delicate hints of rose and Scottish heather, warming cardamom and cinnamon spice.