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4 April 2019

We are celebrating our 5th birthday!

This time 5 years ago in Summerhall, Edinburgh, the first batch of Pickering’s gin was distilled, bottled and dispatched to the general public. We didn’t know it then, but we became the first exclusive gin distillery in Edinburgh in over 150 years! So in good spirits, we’d like to share some fond memories...

5 February 2018

Pickering’s Gin now available to buy at World Duty Free

After a short delay, we’re delighted to announce that you can now proceed directly to World Duty Free to pick up a bottle of Pickering’s Gin before flying out of Scotland.  

8 November 2018

Gin Baubles become available in the USA for the first time

That’s right, Pickering’s Gin-filled Christmas Baubles have landed in the U.S.A! For the very first time, the UK’s must-have Christmas-tree upgrade will brighten up festivities across America. Pickering’s Gin elves have filled, capped, ribboned and packed Christmas spirit and cheer into over 1 million brightly coloured ornaments. Each filled and finished by hand in the Scottish Capital’s first exclusive gin distillery for over 150 years (not quite the North Pole, but close enough!) So far, excitement for the Gin Baubles in America has been tree-mendous!

5 June 2018

Launching our latest perfect serve

Back in January, we asked our #Ginfriends what is the next thing they’d like to see from us. The overwhelming response: “flavours, flavours, flavours!” But what flavour? Well there could be only one choice. Inspired by our signature serve – Pickering’s Gin & tonic garnished with pink grapefruit – Head Distiller Matt Gammell set about creating our first ever liqueur using the trusty pink grapefruit and fragrant spice that has long been the hallmark of a perfect P&T.

5 June 2018

The Best Visitor Attraction in Edinburgh, The Lothians and Borders has a brand new shop!

If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself” was the mantra and sense of determination that led Marcus and Matt to build their very own distillery in Edinburgh’s old Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.
25 May 2018

Pickering’s Gin and Seafood Bar: The First Gin Bar in Beijing

In July 2018 we launched Beijing’s first ever Gin Bar. ‘What? Where? Why?’ you ask. Well, we may make small batch gin from a 400 square foot distillery in Edinburgh, but we have a determinedly global outlook – much like our home city of Edinburgh.

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25 May 2018

The EnGINEe47 has her first Gin-mergency

Making her debut on World Gin Day 2018, EnGINe47 delighted guests at Brewhemia, our World Gin Day partner, by distributing free G&Ts to the wandering and the thirsty. Needless to say, it was a rip-roaring success.
25 May 2018

Pickering’s Gin now available in the USA

We’ve been eagerly pursuing the American market even since winning a loyal set of American #Ginfriends after our Pickering’s Gin Baubles went…well…viral across the world in 2016. Our little Christmas ornaments filled with gin moved the emotions of Brits and Americans alike and were soon picked up by news desks Stateside, including USA Today, ABC News and even Cosmopolitan magazine.

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